We are having a quiet week here. Otis is feeling unwell and I need to catch up on some sleep. If you are interested in reading a little more about us click over to Montessori En Ce Nid where I answer some of Suzanne's questions. I hope I represented my family well. Sometimes it's difficult to accurately express ourselves. I hope you like the article. Can you see the pillow... Read more →

Yes it's true. Otis and I often get bored while Caspar is at school. We run out of things to do and I look for activities using materials we already have at home. I thought why not try playdough. For a sensory experience and to use some of those little hand muscles. I looked for the most simple recipe and found this one everywhere. It makes the perfect sized ball... Read more →

You guessed it. He's crawling. He's also climbing. We don't have stairs and this single step proved to be no problem. How about a fun obstacle course? A tunnel, pillows and cushions with a toy at the end. I haven't observed a child before with such a need to move. It's not about crawling but the need to be upright. Crawling is just a way to get somewhere to pull... Read more →

. The decision to offer the child space for movement has important implications for both parents and child becuase it implies the decision to have a family life oriented increasingly toward the collaboration of people living together. There is really no need to buy objects but only a need to understand the value of free movement and how important it is for children always to feel their bodies free to... Read more →

How could I forget the instruments. These are taken directly from Caspar's musical instrument basket. Egg shakers, maraca, claves and tone block are all suitable for Otis. Today I decided to try the standard, all-in-one discovery basket. Sometimes called a treasure basket. I used How to Raise an Amazing Child by Tim Seldin for inspiration. Tim suggests items made of metal, wood, glass, fabric, leather and items found in nature.... Read more →

I frequently get low on discovery basket ideas for Otis. I don't want to purchase any new items so typically I am looking around the house for something interesting. While sometimes I put together a basket of random items I usually like to keep items to a specific category or theme. Here are a few baskets that Otis has been enjoying recently. 1. A ball basket. He has the puzzle... Read more →