Do you like the Dancers Mobile? I think Otis does. Remember I mentioned we rotate the mobiles every two weeks or so to maintain the child's interest. Of course it isn't a necessity. But I am having so much fun and each mobile is so unique and so pretty. The dancers are made of really light paper so they 'dance' in the breeze and the holographic paper really gets the child's attention. I don't know the history of the Dancers Mobile, if you do please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to know more! This one is... Read more →

How often do we give our children inappropriate materials. In reality it probably doesn't do too much harm, but it doesn't do any good either. Beginning Montessori state 'Most rattles are so big they look like a bar bell when offered to an infant' and I think they are right. Otis is still little (9 weeks) and this sweet little bell rattle fits perfectly in his hands. It is seriously the sweetest 'toy' for an infant and so, so simple. It is the only hand material that he is using (the others in the above picture are a little big... Read more →

Montessori mentions the need to follow the natural rhythm of the child and to meet the child's natural needs. I think this is especially important for feeding and sleeping. For Otis (2 months) this means feeding by demand (no timing or scheduling feeds) allowing him to detach himself from the breast and finish feeding when he is ready sleeping when he needs to for as long as he needs providing safe, warm, comfortable environments for him to sleep. Fortunately feeding Otis is simple, he is always with me, he feeds well and is growing well. For sleeping we provide lots... Read more →

As Otis (8 weeks) really enjoys batting his Gobbi mobile, today I put up his bell on a ribbon. I hung the bell from a ceiling hook in our lounge area. At the end of the ribbon there is some elastic so when he is ready to grasp the bell it has some give in it. We purchased the bell on a ribbon from Goose Designs. His batting (and kicking) at the moment is accidental. He is only just making the connection that he is hitting the bell which is making the sound. Soon this will become intentional movement and... Read more →

Last night I noticed Otis batting at his Octahedron Mobile. It reminded me that he has just turned eight weeks old and perhaps it was time to introduce the Gobbi. We have been encouraged to change the mobiles regularly around every two weeks as each mobile has it's own unique benefit and to prevent the child from getting bored. The Gobbi is a beautiful mobile comprised of spheres in graduated shades of one colour to stimulate the visual sense. The spheres are light so that they move in the breeze. We purchased our Gobbi from Goose Designs. I have seen... Read more →

I have mentioned the purpose of the wall mirror previously here but never before have I been so aware of the importance of children observing movement. Montessori believed (as do many) that children need to observe a movement (absorb it visually) before they can execute the movement themselves. Then the child can repeat the movement to master it. This is as important for a three year old as it is for a 2 month old. For Caspar (3yrs) this means him observing me as I grip the pencil, as I hold a fork or a spoon. It is not enough... Read more →