When choosing materials for our new baby the interlocking dics were high on my list. Why? Well they are so uniquely Montessori, I wanted to give them a try. I had not seen them used before and didn't know anyone who had used them. This certainly isn't the kind of material you find in your local baby shop. I presented the interlocking to discs to Otis when he was around three months old. He was grasping lots of things but stuggled with the discs. The things he liked to grasp were items he could get his fingers all the way... Read more →

I didn't see it coming so I found myself a little underprepared. Although he was chewing on everything, everything! His favourite things to chew included fingers (his and mine), clothes (usually mine) and the strap on his Ergo carrier. Unfortunately some of the items I had purchased which said they were good for teething, those made of wood, have been an unattractive chewing option for Otis. So as you might know I have been asking around. What do you give your baby to chew on? I couldn't find a lot of Montessori information but I wanted to stick to natural... Read more →

I love to see bedrooms and nurseries especially those of the Montessori kind. But most of all I like to see them after a little use and to see how the have grown. Here are some recent pictures of Otis's Room lived in at four months. He is currently using the ring on the ribbon. There is some new artwork on the wall. These are watercolour paintings that I always envisaged for this space but have only recently ordered. I have removed the glass (actually it was perspex) from the frame so Otis will be able to see and feel... Read more →

The Ring on a Ribbon gives him something to look up at. He can reach for it and will eventually pull it into his mouth. It also gives him an incentive to move. He isn't very mobile he just kicks a lot and slowly pulls himself forward with his arms. He can move a couple of inches and that's a start. He is strengthening the muscles in his arms, legs, back and neck and gaining coordination as he reaches for that ring. He will need to push himself up further before he will be able to grasp it. This is... Read more →

The sun came out today. Tomorrow it will be gone again, back behind some storm clouds. We made the most of it and had an impromptu picnic. Although it was still a little fresh, I took Otis's jumper off. Just so that he could enjoy some sunlight on those little arms. Otis has started to chew on everything. I need something that will satisfy this new, emerging need. These cloth rattles and teething ring arrived today from April (from goosedesigns). He is looking for some sort of texture, I hope these work for him. Thank you Elizabeth (from quiltmakers cottage)... Read more →

Too young for a treasure basket? I don't think so. A treasure basket provides the perfect opportunity to introduce some new items, new smells, new textures, new weights and new ways of holding things. Including items made from natural materials provides a gentle way of stimulating a baby's senses. His first treasure basket contains: a small hand dyed silk an organic woollen ball (it has a small bell inside) an infant's hairbrush I love to watch his expression not only when he sees but feels something for the first time. Read more →