Otis (5 yrs) has been unwell and home from school all week. Because he has spent so much time at home I've made note of the materials he has been using. Keep in mind we don't use many of the Montessori school materials at home - because he uses them so much at school. So these are more at home, play, open-ended materials. Here are his favourites from this week! 1. Laminated Butterflies (similar US). These are perfect for under the microscope, on the light table or hanging on the wall! 2. Transparent Pattern Blocks (similar US). We use these... Read more →

Our preparations for weaning continue. Above is the gorgeous weaning set from At Home with Montessori. I always knew that a real spoon (over plastic) was preferred and I knew a small spoon was best. But really, I thought a tea spoon would be small enough. Have a look at this comparision as it shows how small the weaning spoon really is. I recently purchased the coffee spoon at Wheel and Barrow. I think this would be a good substitute if you cannot get your hands on a weaning spoon, it is still a lot smaller than the tea spoon.... Read more →

I really like the recent posts at At Home with Montessori. Meg writes about each month of a child's life from birth to nine months. It's a good guide and I enjoy looking forward a couple of months to see what I can expect with Otis. I thought it was a little amusing when at five months Meg suggested putting some items on your child's socks for them to explore. Then right at five months Otis discovered his feet. So what did I do? Exactly as she suggested. What are the benefits? I am sure observing your feet like this... Read more →

My last post on learning to crawl was a little brief. There are other ways we help Otis to develop his crawling skills. Our aim isn't to have him crawling or walking earlier than everyone else, our aim is to allow him the opportunity to develop at his own pace. 1. Provide opportunity for movement Last week I had one really busy day. I went out with friends, drove Caspar to and from school and then went on a lengthly excursion. Otis was either in the pram, Ergo baby carrier or car seat for almost the entire day. While I... Read more →

I love the concept of the weaning table and chair. Otis isn't ready to use it yet. At five months and even with a rolled towel for support and blocking him in with the wall and the table he is still not able to use it comfortably. We will wait until he is ready. He is currently tasting foods while sitting on my lap or in his chair at the table like shown here. We decided to go with the Me-Do-It Chair. While he does have the Cube Chair I really like this in his room. The Me-Do-It Chair is... Read more →

Have you ever made a Montessori Puzzle Ball? I would say it's for intermediate sewers and I'm definitely a beginner. But I gave it a shot anyway. There are a couple of things I love about this ball. The way the it is formed so it is easy for the child to grasp, pick up and hold. The way it draws your attention and attracts the eye. It's obviously chewable and because you can make it yourself you know exactly what is in it. I made this one from green and natural linen and put a medium sized bell in... Read more →

I am not sure if this is the Montessori way. I think there is only one way to learn. That is by trying. It does appear that Otis needs an incentive. He is only interested in moving if there is something to move towards. In this case it's the bell cylinder. As he reaches for it, it rolls further away. He moves 1-2 inches at a time. It's hard work, but he doesn't fuss. What did he do for the rest of the day? Let's just say he slept like a baby. I love taking photos of him sleeping. Is... Read more →

Weaning has been on my mind. When I refer to weaning I mean the commencement of weaning - the introduction of foods other than breastmilk/formula. For my first son Caspar, we used the BLW approach. I do believe that each child is different and previously I wasn't even aware of the Montessori approach. With Otis we intend on using a combination of both. Montessori commencing at five to six months with lots of finger/family foods incorporated. There are so many things that I love about the Montessori approach - the ritual, cultivating indepedence and control over the environment. The above... Read more →

Otis has started to join us at the dinner table. Just for a few mintues. He can join in on the conversation. He doesn't eat with us but is observing everything. Observing us eating, chatting and connecting. Those sultanas are for him to push around. He can't pick them up but likes trying. The position is comfortable for him, his feet are flat on the step and he is supported by the cushions. I love how this demonstrates to him that he is an individual (with his own chair) but still very much a part of our family unit. Read more →