I am an advocate for weaning the Montessori way, with a weaning table. A weaning table is traditionally used from around six months, often as a replacement of a high chair, at which the infant sits to have their first solids. While there is a lot of advice around about Montessori weaning tables it's great to see real ones, in action, being used by real children!! Top L-R: How we... Read more →

To round off some of the activities we did today, here is Otis playing with some keys. I remember my sister (much younger sister) playing with keys when she was little. When Caspar was young and wanted to play with my keys I didn't want to risk losing them. I had this set made up, the keys are all blanks. I keep them in my bag, when I reach for... Read more →

Otis is in this distinct period of development. He is spending most of his time on the floor learning to crawl, but he still needs stimulation for his hands. But he cannot sit up unaided. I have other materials just waiting for the right time - which isn't here yet. I am not sure what this grip is called. It surprised me. I didn't think he would be able to... Read more →

"The importance of this bread is both physical and psychological." - S.Montanaro. Understanding the Human Being. Physical as the child experiences food in it's solid state and psychological as it is often the first food the child feeds to himself. He hasn't actually eaten any yet. He is still working on getting it to his mouth. It won't be long - such great practice. Bread is also nice to hold... Read more →

It may seem strange but I really don't like talking to people, in person, about parenting. Unless it is a good friend, you never know where the other person stands, and how easy is it to feel offended or possibly offend the other person. I especially dislike talking about sleep. Oh is he a good sleeper? My answer is always yes. Unless he's teething. I mean I don't want to... Read more →

I am always looking for new items for Otis to explore. I have been updating his treasure basket regularly but wanted to introduce a couple more 'baskets' to his shelves. I really like the idea of having a few items in a basket to allow the child to experience this freedom, this new power and ability to choose which item they will reach for and play with. Using a basket... Read more →

Myelination = improved coordination. Holding the item with one hand and exploring with the other. One of those micro-developmental milestones, blink and we will miss it. Not only reaching, grasping but exploring. Exploring everything with his hands. Everything within reach. Edited October 11 to include the below photograph (see comments). Read more →