I've been looking for new ways to connect with my children in the evenings. We often work on a puzzle together (we just finished this one), sometimes only for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes the boys will work on it together when I'm busy with Otto. We don't have many board games... Read more →

What is the right age for the child's first pocket knife? If the child has been raised in a Montessori environment and is familiar with using knives, I'm thinking around five or six years of age? By seven, eight or nine years old - absolutely! Of course, it depends on... Read more →

Today Otis and I made these cute little Christmas tree meringues as gifts for our friends and neighbours, and perhaps a few for the Christmas table too. The idea came from our favourite macaron shop Marché du Macaron, although we made ours much smaller, almost bite size. As it should... Read more →