Have you ever stayed in a hotel and wondered what to do with those little shampoo bottles. Usually I don't use them and leave them behind. This time I took them home with me. I thought they would be good in an open and close activity for Otis one day. But for an activity for him now?? How about some little colour bottles. The labels were sticky and difficult to remove. I put a little food colouring and water in each bottle. I suggest gluing the lids on to avoid any spills. I have only put the lids on tightly... Read more →

Can you call this finger painting? I'm not sure. You can call this a fun sensory experience. This morning I was giving Otis his breakfast and after I spilt some on the table, I noticed him running his fingers through it. My first thought - finger painting. I remember Steph's post on edible finger paint and knew this was the way to go. So we used one cup flour to just over one cup cold water. As usual I overdid the food colouring. It was fun and easy to clean up. Steph mentioned that after this activity her daughter took... Read more →

Maria Montessori anticipated negative comments about children using fragile, breakable items in her Children's Houses and as such she wrote: ...they place more importance on the glass than on the child; an object worth a few cents seems more precious than the physical training of their children. - Maria Montessori. The Child in the Family. As we know the importance of sameness, I would recommend purchasing 3-6 weaning glasses of the same type. Unfortunately I did not do this and now Otis is having to use an unfamiliar glass, for the second time. In one month we have had two... Read more →

When you talk to them, make sure they can see you speak. Maria Montessori made reference many times to the interest an infant will show towards it's mother and especially her lips as she speaks. A child as young as four months will be fascinated, captivated by lip movements. Evidently these movements please him more than most things because they stimulate the imitative capacity that coincides with his necessary inner development. - Maria Montessori. The Child in the Family. When Otis was four weeks old I wrote the post How to talk to a newborn and it is contains some... Read more →