All of the materials on Ot's shelves at eight months. Some are new, some are old. Some are Montessori and others are simple traditional toys. He has materials on both shelving units in his room. His clothes and nappies are now stored in his wardrobe. He can reach his low shelves but his other shelving unit is out of reach, and will be until he starts pulling himself up. 1. Object Permanence Box. 2. Progressive Ring Stacker from Beginning Montessori. 3. Egg in Cup and Palmer Grasp Cylinder from At Home with Montessori. 4. Nesting Owls. These are much loved... Read more →

Babies need to use their concentration to make it stronger. Your baby might surprise you with their concentration span. Focus too. Don't underestimate them. Or their ability to become totally absorbed in something so simple. It's just what we needed. Quiet and calm. I try for some one-on-one time with each of my children each day. It doesn't always happen. With Caspar we usually read a book or cook. Today with Otis it was some fresh air and sunshine. Wishing you fresh air and sunshine wherever you may be. Read more →

I know crawling isn't far away. This stage of development is so fleeting, I really wanted to capture it. This is the first time I have noticed him putting one knee down. He is just about to learn he can push himself forwards. But mostly he just does this. I love chubby little legs and the strength and determination it takes to get to here. Yes, this really is capturing the moment. Also - I send my very best wishes to Camilla. Her baby was due to be born today. I hope you are keeping well Camilla and holding your... Read more →