This post feels like an over-share, but here we go! The boys' wardrobe was a little out of control and today I decided it was time to tidy it up! While it is easy for the children to access and put their clothes away, there is no order here. Usually I am happy if the children put their clothing in the baskets but at the moment they have too much... Read more →

When making parenting decisions I always think about what is going to benefit the children in the long term. What can I do today to help them tomorrow? Fostering independence is one of those things. It is harder at the start but in the long run it is of great benefit. While using a crib might be easier in the short term I knew a floor bed was best for... Read more →

My friend Gina recently drew this Montessori toddler room for me. It looks fantastic! Are you looking for ideas for a Montessori toddler bedroom or perhaps it's something to think about for the future? With all of my Montessori spaces, I keep these principles in mind; Do what works for you! Only do what is going to work for you, your family situation, your home. Sometimes this means children sharing... Read more →

You know that I recently read and loved The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I also wrote about protecting the child's sense of order and how Montessori really supports the theory of less is more, everything in it's place. Since writing this article I have been asked about the children's wardrobe more than anything. It appears many parents are struggling with cupboards overflowing with children's clothing that not only... Read more →

When we moved into this house we had a lot of little areas that needed work to support Otis' independence. The children's wardrobe is smaller than in our last house however it is large enough for all of their clothes (Bruder trucks out of rotation are stored at the very top). Behind the doors to the left are three shelves. Caspar has the top two. The top one for his... Read more →

Before Otis was born I had his floor bed in this exact location - in Caspar's room. I have always wanted my two children to sleep in the same room, to share a bedroom. Except as Otis's birth got closer I struggled to see how it could work. I couldn't completely baby proof Caspar's room. Was it safe for a baby to sleep in the same room as a pre-schooler?... Read more →

Otis's care of self area. Finally a mirror on the wall. Children love looking at themselves! A hairbrush and a handkerchief. No tissues here. Otis would either eat it or pull it into a million pieces. I've moved his cube chairs. Now there is one here for dressing and the other is near his toileting area. You could use a stool however at this age when undressing Otis will move... Read more →

Otis wasn't even born when I first noticed these lovely large prints. Too scary for a newborn I thought. Newborn no longer. I almost have a toddler on my hands. He already loves to sit and watch the small creatures that surround him. Now he can see them in detail. These prints are truly wonderful, you can see the veins on the wings of the dragonfly and the hairs on... Read more →

When I think about it I realise we have raised our children differently. When Caspar was little he never left my side. Every day, every moment, together. As Otis has been raised more of the Montessori way we have spent time apart from the start. You may remember that Otis was only a couple of weeks old when I would leave him alone in his room with his mobiles. It... Read more →

I purchased my first Puka Puka Design mobile over a year ago. It now appears above my workspace. I am drawn to mobiles and couldn't resist this new one for Otis's room. The Bird Mobile. All of the Puka mobiles have this air of sophistication that I love. The Montessori theory is that mobiles like these should represent reality. Animals that swim or fly are popular such as the Whale... Read more →

I love to see bedrooms and nurseries especially those of the Montessori kind. But most of all I like to see them after a little use and to see how the have grown. Here are some recent pictures of Otis's Room lived in at four months. He is currently using the ring on the ribbon. There is some new artwork on the wall. These are watercolour paintings that I always... Read more →

What about this mobile? It's interesting isn't it. I think this will be our last mobile, Otis will soon be moving onto more in-hand materials. It is called the Primary Colours Mobile from Beginning Montessori, they recommend following it up with the interlocking disks. Otis isn't grasping it yet, he is just batting and doing lots of arm waving. He is still using his bell on a ribbon too. You... Read more →

Last night I noticed Otis batting at his Octahedron Mobile. It reminded me that he has just turned eight weeks old and perhaps it was time to introduce the Gobbi. We have been encouraged to change the mobiles regularly around every two weeks as each mobile has it's own unique benefit and to prevent the child from getting bored. The Gobbi is a beautiful mobile comprised of spheres in graduated... Read more →