Today I want to share with you a subscription service that is a game changer! There are a lot of Montessori subscription services available. Until now there hasn't been one I would recommend. I am actually really disappointed that I've only now found Lovevery as they are for children from birth to 12 months. But if you are a new parent or are expecting, I'm excited that you may like and use this. I get a lot of emails from parents who don't know what to do with their new babies - this is for you! In the months after... Read more →

At almost 12 months of age, we are starting to introduce Otto to a wide range of practical life activities. To be honest, it's more like he is demanding to be involved. Last week we started using the FunPod and it's been a lifesaver. Practical life in our home occurs naturally - when I am doing something I ask myself is there a way my children can be involved. Last Sunday morning Otto helped to whisk his eggs for breakfast, while I tided he washed his dishes (played with the sink water with his dishwashing brush and dishes). Children and... Read more →

There are so many things to love about homemade finger paint. We use a lot of it, sometimes a whole packet or tub in one go, it's so much more affordable to make it yourself. With Otto at 11 months I want to know that the paint is safe, often paint labels don't list all of the ingredients and to just say non-toxic isn't enough. Also it's fast to make, if we don't have any left I like to be able make some up in just a few minutes! The problem I have with a lot of recipes for baby... Read more →

Today I moved some infant furniture around and I thought it would be useful to share some of the different chairs that Otto (11 months) uses. Finding suitable chairs for babies of this age can be difficult, you want the child to be able to use them but you want them to be long lasting too! Otto uses all of these chairs, he has been able to independently sit in all of them - get in and out, from around nine months. L-R: Cube Chair / Me-Do-It Chair / Montessori Weaning Chair Cube Chair: Seat height is 20cm. These are... Read more →

There is no way I could write a 'day in our life' type of post. There are too many things going on. But two hours, perhaps I can document two hours of our day? Above Otto is walking up and down our front yard with the Radio Flyer walker wagon. He is really steady on his feet and I'm sure he will be walking independently soon. The walker wagon is a good way to support the child while not forcing them into unnatural positions or progression. Mostly we use it inside but today Otto took a walk outside. The grass... Read more →

"As the child explores the environment, she becomes aware of and interested in the variety of colours and shapes in the indoor and outdoor environment. This is the time to give very simple shape and colour puzzles as children love to put things inside containers, such as puzzle pieces in spaces that match. Through early experiences with such puzzles, children can develop many useful skills: handling materials, refining movement, completing a cycle of activity, carrying out logical steps in order, solving problems. There is a built in control of error in puzzles so the child can judge for herself, without... Read more →

"Toys should be kept in the area where the family lives, not only in the child's room. Shelves are much more satisfying than toy boxes. Having order in the environment creates a feeling of security in the child, and trust in the environment. Baskets, trays, or small boxes neatly arranged on low shelves can be very helpful in creating this order." "If you watch a child you will see which toys he plays with most and which ones just get dropped and forgotten. Try to keep only as many toys available to the child as can be kept neat, and... Read more →

There are many terms which are unique to the Montessori philosophy. I've had to google some of these terms before so I've decided to write a list. Here are some brief Montessori definitions for the infant to toddler stage, in plain language, parent to parent. I hope you find it useful! A to I - A to I refers to a Montessori qualification, the Assistants to Infancy (0-3 years) training. Absorbent Mind - Maria Montessori observed that children from birth to six years have the ability to quickly and easily absorb information. The child is absorbing information from the environment... Read more →

As a parent I try to say yes as much as possible. I look for ways to say yes. However, you cannot avoid the need to say no. As Otto is crawling, climbing and reaching he is hearing it more than ever. He is probably hearing it a little too much. I re-read some of my Montessori texts and Montessori from the Start has the best description of how to say no. It's important to note that at first infants don't know what no means. Saying no, repeating it and getting louder or more urgent doesn't always work. At this... Read more →

Finger painting with a baby - is it worth it? It is too crazy, too messy? Or is it squishy, slimy, colourful fun? Unfortunately, finger painting is often overlooked for cleaner and easier types of activities. It's also not just about fun, there is a lot of learning going on there too! When Caspar (now 10yr) was a toddler, even as a preschooler, he hated getting messy or dirty. If he was painting and got some paint, even a tiny bit, on his hands he had to wash them straight away. I now wonder if it is a part of... Read more →

Otto is really loving discovery baskets, we only have a couple on his shelves but I'm always looking for fresh inspiration. Here are a few baskets that I really like, they all have lots of texture and lots of natural, easy to find items. Otto's basket at 10 months. This basket is for a sitting six-month-old. "Here's a treasure basket I put together today filled with natural textures, a mixture of items that she can shake, roll, pick up with two hands or with a palmar grasp. The idea behind this is heuristic play, in which bubs discover the properties... Read more →

It's time for us to start thinking about toilet learning (why am I so excited?)! Unfortunately, we don't have any of Otis' old potties or pants (or puddle pads) so we are starting from scratch. Which is a little fun, there are lots of potties available now, perhaps too many, so we are looking at all the eco friendly ones. How fun it is to have a completely compostable potty? From potties to training pants, here are the eco friendly options we are thinking about! 1. Beco Potty - Made from waste plant material and are biodegradable. I am not... Read more →

I recently ordered a clear watering can for Otto. It's super cute, would also make a good bath toy, but I love that he can see how much water is in it when filling it up and he can see all of the water pouring out as he is watering the garden. Infants and toddlers are trying to make sense of the world, transparent materials like this can help them see how containers works, help them see how full things are, help the child to see what is going on. "The transparency also helps the child to make spontaneous scientific... Read more →