Today I want to share some the new materials that Otto is using at 13 - 14 months old. He has only recently mastered materials like the peg board and the ring slide (so fun to watch!). Others like the ball push he could easily do months ago but now he is really enjoying the repetition and is using it more than ever. The trike is a fairly new addition... Read more →

I spend so much time in the kitchen I am always looking for ideas to entertain and engage Otto. Our Fun Pod has been a life-saver as it allows Otto to safely work along-side me at the kitchen bench. If he doesn't have something interesting to do he will start grabbing, reaching for things and throwing them on the floor. What I have found most useful is have him prepare... Read more →

I recently stumbled upon a couple of really beautiful puzzles and it made me stop and think. As Montessori parents, we often search high and low for the best materials we can find but what does this mean for puzzles? Puzzles for toddlers are reasonably affordable and can be found at most discount stores. But I've found many puzzles are often sold on the popularity of licensed television and movie... Read more →

one. / two. / three. / four. / five. / six. / seven. / eight. / nine. / ten. / eleven. / twelve. / thirteen. / fourteen. / fifteen. It's always fun using art supplies with babies, I love engaging with Otto in this way. We've been using playdough and finger paint with Otto from around 8-9 months. Now at 13-months he is using a small but ever increasing range... Read more →

Sensory water play for babies - it really couldn't get any easier. Many babies will enjoy just a bowl or basin of water, or perhaps a paddle pool to splash around in! Our weather has really warmed up in the last couple of days so I've been looking for ways to extend our outdoor play, we are aiming for three hours a day outside. So I've introduced some water play.... Read more →

Today I want to share with you a subscription service that is a game changer! There are a lot of Montessori subscription services available. Until now there hasn't been one I would recommend. I am actually really disappointed that I've only now found Lovevery as they are for children from birth to 12 months. But if you are a new parent or are expecting, I'm excited that you may like... Read more →

We almost have a toddler in the house so it's time for us to start thinking about ways we can support his movement and his independence. I've been here before with my two older children but this house is different and this child is different! So I've been making a list of household tools that would be useful to support Otto's independence but also a few things that could assist... Read more →