Otto has been playing with the lovely Matador Baby Architect blocks (made in Austria) and it has made me think about how much they are like Duplo or Mega Blocks. While we have plastic toys in our home there is a lot of external and internal pressure to choose wooden (compostable, biodegradable) or recycled plastic products where we can. Here are a few wooden alternatives to the plastic toys we... Read more →

a. / b. / c. / d. / e. / f. Otto hasn't always liked stacking toys. It's a good lesson to follow the child and not to compare your child to others. Now at 15 months Otto frequently chooses stacking materials and will work on them repeatedly. First he started with the ring stackers at around nine months (a. & b.) and then the discs on the vertical dowel... Read more →

I don't need to know the educational benefits of some toys, I can just see that my children learn from using them, I can see they are engaged, I can see that they are happy! Until recently Otto only had a small basket of blocks out. But you know the things with blocks is that they need a flat firm surface if you are going to build anything big. So... Read more →

I was going to give an update on Otto's bedroom - to show how he has grown into the space. But then I realised I only had photographs of half of the room. But this pretty much is it, out of picture he has a wardrobe, his weaning table and chair and his ball tracker. He has a lot of his toys and materials in our living area downstairs but... Read more →

I recently found a solution to two problems I was facing. I want to share as it might help or encourge you to see your spaces differently! My problem was that I had a toddler who likes messy art and when it's raining we had no outdoor space to play in. Our house is so small the only place Otto can use his art easel without covering the place with... Read more →

Otto received this little red wheelbarrow for Christmas. It's almost as if at this age we avoid expensive gifts because we know the simpler the better. He wants toys that help him to do things. Practical life materials. While his brothers are outside (for hours) kicking a football around, Otto wants to be doing things, he wants to be working with his hands, he wants to be productive. "Human beings... Read more →

Otto's most prized possession in his lovely little straw broom! Sweeping is the practical life activity that he does the most, second to cutting banana. It's so simple and easy to do. We have found it easiest to start with a straw broom. It doesn't matter which way he uses it unlike a push broom, he is able to move the leaves around. We gave Otto his first broom when... Read more →