Above pictured are some of the recent language baskets and trays I've used with Otto (18 months). My approach with Otto is slightly different to what I used with Otis. I've made sure that all of Otto's language materials are relevant to him and our family. The animals are animals that he has seen, the vehicles have been seen in our community, the workers are those that Otto knows, the flowers and herbs are from our very own garden. There are no Australian animals, no African or Arctic animals, we will introduce these later, once they become relevant to him.... Read more →

Have you been looking for an audio player for your toddler? Something that is screen free, with a volume limiter and something that is really robust? We've been using the hörbert and I've been receiving a lot of requests for more affordable options. These audio players (pictured above) meet my requirements but many use new technology and are not necessarily budget friendly. However, they allow a very young toddler to safely and independently navigate audio files like meditation, songs, music and audio books. hörbert - we love the hörbert, it goes with us everywhere. I love the timber frame and... Read more →

One of the main concerns parents have about children accessing their own snack is their ability or lack of ability to self regulate, that the child will eat everything that is available at once. My advice is to start small, perhaps one banana and one orange and allow the child to choose. At eighteen months Otto now has more food options available to him and although it comes slowly, he only snacks when he's hungry and only eats a small selection of what is available. But how do we manage it? Portion control helps. I only put out what I... Read more →

There is a lot to love about Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but have you ever wished for a more accurate version? Where there is a 'chrysalis' not a 'cocoon', where the caterpillar eats only plants and not cake and ice cream? Perhaps even where we can use words like 'pupa'? We've been loving Caterpillar to Butterfly by the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Caterpillar to Butterfly is not complicated, it is very simple for a young child to follow, it's real, natural and accurate! Nature is so very, very beautiful. On a similar theme... one... Read more →

Otto is almost 18 months old and it feels like a good time to revisit some of our Montessori home spaces. I'll explain how they work and how we troubleshoot. Our spaces are fluid, always changing. I hope these posts will give you a few ideas for your home environment. At almost eighteen months Otto can: Put on/take off socks independently - only loose socks, not socks that are tight. Wool socks are great. Put on/take off boots independently - only his rain boots and not always on the right feet. He can also take them off. Put on/take off... Read more →