When I found out that Lovevery made Toddler Play Kits I almost flipped out. Like a crazy person, I went through all their play kits to see what amazing products they had to offer. When our first Toddler Play Kit arrived: The Realist (for 19, 20, 21 months) I was... Read more →

My children's Forest School experiences have had a profound effect on me. It's difficult not to appreciate how the children thrive in such a minimal, natural environment. No shelves lined with materials, nature is the prepared environment. Learning with sticks, bugs, worms, rain and, mud! Wet and dirty. Windswept and... Read more →

There are a lot of toddler puzzles around but it can be difficult to find puzzles with realistic images. The child at this age is trying to make sense of the world so we want to provide materials that reflect the world that we live in. We want our puzzles... Read more →

Have you tried any baster or pipette activities with your toddler? Many toddlers enjoy water play so this is a lovely way to allow them to experiment with water while developing coordination, strength and a few fine and gross motor skills. These types of activities provide an opportunity for the... Read more →

One of the most important skills for a toddler to develop is concentration. I believe it is easier for some children than for others. But we have to nurture the toddler and provide the right conditions to support their developing concentration. Otto is definitely my wildest, craziest, noisiest toddler. When... Read more →