When Otis was little I loved lists like this. Not because I felt like I needed to do all of the activities suggested, but because it gave me some simple ideas to try at home. I hope you find this list just as useful. This is a no pressure list, you might find it more suitable for your child at two months or three or four months. The age is a guide only, work at your child's pace and always meet them where they are at. Here are ten things you can do at home with your Montessori baby at... Read more →

Have you ever questioned why we put a mirror in our baby's room? It's common to see a low mirror in Montessori nurseries, in Nidos and infant classes. My number one reason is to promote movement. The mirror is placed next to our playmat and allows my child to focus, track movement all while he on the floor, free to move. And move he does! My second reason is because he is my third child, I love for him to be entertained so I can put the washing on, prepare dinner, and just put him down for a while. On... Read more →

I've written extensively about the Montessori mobiles, but what if they just aren't for you, what if you are looking for inexpensive alternatives using materials from around the home? Here are a few ideas. Plants! Otto has a smaller plant in his room that he will often focus on, it's well positioned next to his movement mat. The area pictured above is under a window so this monstera plant's large leaves will move gently in the breeze, providing just enough movement to engage Otto. This plant also provides interesting shadows which I can see him observing later in the day.... Read more →