We've previously shared what our Montessori parent-toddler classroom looked like and some of the activities we've tried so today I thought I would try to do the same with our toddler Forest School class. We are currently living in the UK and we don't have access to a Montessori school or Montessori toddler class but I've found the Forest School class beneficial in so many ways. I have found Forest... Read more →

Montessori Matching Work for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Ideas I've Bookmarked

I love matching work!! There is so much variety, you can make matching work to suit almost any interest. You can often make the activity using materials you already have at home. It's so good for toddlers and preschoolers too, there is a language component but with coordination, concentration, focus and, cognitive development. Here are a few matching activities that I've bookmarked for future reference. Above matching keys. I love... Read more →

We have a list of chores for our toddler. These are the things that we expect him to do every day, and mostly it's not an issue. The idea is to make it a part of the everyday, something that he does automatically just like brushing his teeth. If he doesn't do them when asked, we do them together. If he doesn't want to do them together, I do them... Read more →

My toddler is crazy about play dough!! It is used every.single.day! He loves it. One of the reasons it keeps his interest is because we rotate the play dough and most of the tools and materials. Every week or so we add new materials that are usually related to an interest such as toob insects, flowers or mini diggers. When he was younger, from 10 months, we offered coloured craft... Read more →

I believe that a good play mat promotes play. It promotes freedom of movement, it promotes concentration and it promotes creativity. In a world where we are bombarded with messages about baby swings, bouncers and baby seats, I'm here to share with you the benefits of a play mat and lots of free, uninterrupted floor time. I view the play mat a little like a Montessori teacher would view the... Read more →

Etsy is a constant source of inspiration. Here are a few Waldorf and Montessori finds that I'm loving and buying from Etsy. Waldorf Wool Felt Birthday Crown - Otto is turning two next month and I've been looking for a birthday crown for him, isn't this one lovely? The crown that I decided to order is this one with interchangeable numbers. Apfelmaus - the mouse in the apple. We have... Read more →

My toddler can't count so that excludes him from many board games. But he can recognise and identify shapes and colours!! He doesn't always wait his turn but he's learning and a cooperative or non-competitive game is always a good place to start. Caspar (11yrs) and Otis (8yrs) still have a week before school goes back. This week Caspar is at Hockey Camp so Otis and Otto (23 months) have... Read more →

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. There are so many fantastic activities we can prepare for our toddlers using materials found around the home. Sometimes we just need a little reminder. My toddler loves to unpack the dishwasher and put the dishes away. But he doesn't always get the chance, often his brothers unpack the dishwasher when he is not around. Due to the height... Read more →

It's easy to over look language work for other toddler activities such as practical life and fine motor skill work like puzzles and other manipulatives. When I look at pictures of our previous Montessori parent toddler class there is a lot of language work on the shelves, there is a lot more language and categorising/sorting work than I was offering. Noting that Otto will not be attending a parent toddler... Read more →

Today I spent some time in a Doll House (and accessories) store. It's like a dream for Montessori parents and teachers with every life-like miniature and replica you can think of. I brought home a whole heap of materials ready to make some language work for my toddler. Here are a few activities that inspired my Doll House store visit!! Above is an adorable set of cleaning tools. How lovely... Read more →

My toddler loves to play with locks!! It's a lot like doing a puzzle, you need to put the key into the lock in just the right way. Using a lock and key is fantastic for the child's developing fine motor skills, coordination and concentration. Best of all many of these activities can be put together using materials found around the home. Here are five lock and key activities my... Read more →

Let's talk about travel potties. Are they a necessity? I could not be happier with our current travel potty. It has been am-az-ing. Earlier this week we flew to Copenhagen with Otto (23 months), without any potty/toileting accidents. No wet pants. Using the toilet or potty was my biggest concern for our summer travel. But I shouldn't have worried. I understand that a big part of this process is physiology,... Read more →