Otto has been using this little basin on the bath since February. I wanted to give you an update because it is still working wonderfully for us. We are living in a small house and the bathroom has no space for a hand-washing table or for a step high enough for Otto to reach the basin. We already have his potty in the walkway. The basin on the bath almost takes up no space. The negatives including the mirror which is really unclear, the child can see themselves in it but not at all clearly. My husband moves the basin... Read more →

In the past, I've put architectural images on the wall near our block area. But as Otto is so young I want to leave the space a little more open. I don't want him to feel like blocks are only for creating buildings. He uses blocks in many creative ways. But we have a few children's books about blocks which are mainly about buildings that are fantastic, I want to share just three of them with you today! The first is Dreaming Up: a celebration of building by Christy Hale. This book is so, so lovely. It contains images of... Read more →