There is no substitute for good Montessori materials, however, let's not be too precious about it, most of us have mainstream toys in our homes too. Today I am sharing some of the mainstream baby toys we have and are currently using. All of these have been carefully selected, but from Amazon or from other popular online toy retailers. They don't take the place of Montessori infant materials but each... Read more →

"One of the most thrilling achievements for a child is learning to move himself through space to get to a desired object. Infants have many different ways of doing this—backwards, tummy on the ground, sideways, creeping, crawling, rolling, lifting tummy alternately with arms and legs. This is important work! Sometimes a child grunts or yells as he works, or falls asleep for a few seconds between “push-ups.” The child enjoys... Read more →

It's easy to think that Montessori parents obsess about the smallest things. But if you look at the philosophy as a whole, if you look at the big picture, it all makes sense. In Montessori, we give our children real things, real experiences and real tools. We often look for smaller versions which are easier for the child to use and to manipulate. We look for tools made from real... Read more →

Montessori environments including classrooms are known for being warm and home-like. But what if you have moved house or set up a new environment that has you feeling a little cold? Here are a few of the ways I've intentionally 'warmed up' some of our Montessori home environments. Most of these are super easy and quick to do. Add life, add a plant. Air plants, seedlings, propagate some plants, full... Read more →

Otto is five months old so naturally, we are starting to think about weaning. We are starting to plan for weaning. It can be a really special time for the child, it's a time of separation and independence. It's a time of tremendous growth. Although we will take a relaxed approach, we will be prepared and have a plan! The Adult - Both parents need to be on the same... Read more →

As Otto often sucks his fingers (just like this) when he is tired, at school pick up or at the grocery store, I'm often asked if I give him a pacifier. The answer is always no, mostly because I don't think it's necessary but this quote resonated with me. This is powerful and worth thinking about if your child uses a pacifier. "The more time a baby spends with a... Read more →

Is this the smallest Montessori bedroom you have ever seen? Otto has the smallest bedroom in the house. It's small and we will make the most of it! It's hard because his old Montessori bedroom looked like this - so complete, and we had to leave it all behind and start over again. This time we have Otto in a wood bed. I was worried about the cold floor, but... Read more →

I am sure that I have missed many of my children's developmental milestones. Often it's because I don't know what I'm looking for and they just pass while I am blissfully unaware. However, when it comes to the development of the hand, I watch my children like a hawk. I prepare the infant's environment for grasping. I watch and smile as I see the child bring their hands together for... Read more →