There is no substitute for good Montessori materials, however, let's not be too precious about it, most of us have mainstream toys in our homes too. Today I am sharing some of the mainstream baby toys we have and are currently using. All of these have been carefully selected, but from Amazon or from other popular online toy retailers. They don't take the place of Montessori infant materials but each... Read more →

In the past I've made my own bibs and Montessori placemats but this time I've picked up a Montessori weaning set. I thought I would share with you what is in it and how we are using it! First, pictured above is our little snack or food preparation station. When Otto is walking I envisage him collecting his own bowl, spoon and things and set up his table for snack... Read more →

Perhaps it's because they are so small, perhaps it's because they don't say much, babies especially those with older siblings can be constantly on the move or rushed or shushed. I'm a busy parent, I live in the real world but I could do with a reminder. Perhaps you could do with a reminder too. From some of my Montessori readings, here a few ways we can respect the baby.... Read more →

It's now Spring, although it still feels like Winter and we have a tendency to want to rug our babies up and keep them inside. At six months the baby is grabbing and pulling and putting things in their mouths, we are constantly saying no and keeping them away from everything precious. But at six months the child is capable and interested and has an innate desire to explore. Today... Read more →

I remember when Otis was four, there was a young boy in his class learning long division. Wow, just wow! Every time I saw the boy I tried to take a peek over his shoulder to see what he was working on. The accomplishments of this young boy should be celebrated, just as the accomplishments of the other children in the class. His achievements do not lessen the achievements of... Read more →

This is my second post in a monthly series on children's clothing. Clothing that we love, clothing that is fun, practical and true to our Montessori values! Clothing is so important for children and more so for infants. Otto (six months) spends most of his day on the floor on a movement mat or on a play mat at friends or curled up in his brothers' arms. Having soft, comfortable... Read more →

Today I'm sharing some of the books we've been enjoying recently! Otto - six months When I search for Montessori baby books, the same titles keep on coming up. It could be because these are the tried and true and it could be because we aren't reviewing new baby books. Books like Priddy's First 100 Words will never go out of fashion in Montessori homes - the clear realistic images... Read more →