Here are four activity ideas that we love in our Montessori home. All of these are for Otto who is seven months old. However, all could be enjoyed by a much older baby and even toddlers. Make music! Above is our music basket. We have a couple of large baskets like this which are perfect for largish or grouped materials. You could easily present only one or two instruments in... Read more →

"Maria Montessori taught us that the child's cry means "Help me to do it myself!" and a low bed can help him do important things by himself very soon. Such a simple means to such important ends. Once again we have to recognize our profound lack of comprehension for the capacities of the infant. From this stems our lack of faith in them, which impedes their development. We justify our... Read more →

This morning Otto found a brown paper bag and played with it for 20-25 minutes. It was the type of bag that makes a really crunchy sound. It was interesting to observe the different ways he played with it and explored it. Later in the day, he sought out the bag again, and again it held his attention and focus. It's such a good reminder about the value of non-toy... Read more →

Once the infant is crawling and sitting, everything changes including the toys and materials we present to them. With materials like the pincer and palmer blocks, the egg and cup, the fact that the child is sitting independently to work, is more important to me than their age. Here are a few materials that Otto is using now that he is sitting. Above is the Wooden Mini Sorting Box. It's... Read more →