While at this stage we work mostly on establishing a good attachment, there are lots of ways we can support the infant's need to participate in their daily care of self activities. These are most relevant for the infant once they can sit, perhaps from around six months, and can continue into toddlerhood as their scope for independence increases. Some of these come naturally to me now, I will always give the infant their own spoon, while others I need the occasional reminder! Why do we want to foster independence at such a young age? Empowers the child. Show them... Read more →

At eight months Otto is: Exploring the nature basket - includes dried orange and lime, large shell, various large gumnuts and seedpods. Enjoying finger play and nursery rhymes - he is trying to do the incy wincy spider with his fingers. Loving the Object permanence box (c/o Montessori Shop). Starting to use the Pincer Grasp Block. Starting to pull up on the walker wagon, he has taken one step but for now, he mostly pulls up on it. Also pulling up on the Pikler Arch (c/o Wiwiurka). A few other materials that he is using right now: Egg and Cup... Read more →

We have moved around Otto's weaning table and chair a lot. It was in his our dining area and now it's in a corner space in our kitchen. Otto is now messier with his eating and as he can sit unaided, we've decided it's best that he eats (mostly) in the kitchen. I always just keep on moving things around until I find a way that works! We have also found a lovely rhythm. In the mornings after we have dropped his brothers at school, we go into the kitchen where I will empty the dishwasher or put on washing... Read more →