It's likely this will be our last toilet learning post. Otis has slipped seamlessly (and without fault) into night time toileting. We're at the end of our toilet learning journey. If you are at the start of your journey I have a few ideas and suggestions. Absolutely every child is different so we need to be flexible however your approach and your attitude are most important. It's not luck that Otis is toilet trained. We are very fortunate that he is healthy and that I am able to stay at home with him which helps. But what got him 'trained'... Read more →

I love having a toilet trained toddler. Life is so much easier. All of the perseverance and pain was worth it. . At 22 months I feel like I can finally say that Otis is toilet trained - daytime only. We haven't approached night toileting but I must get to that soon. . It has been painful. For about three months his toilet learning just plateaued. By plateaued I mean one or two accidents everyday - for three months. Now I cannot remember his last accident. He sometimes makes a mess but that's associated with tricky clothing or dare I... Read more →

There is a wonderful feeling you get when your child does the right thing at the right time. It makes you feel proud, makes you feel like a great parent. Then there are times when your child repeatedly makes mistakes, messes or does the wrong thing and you feel like a failure. Toilet learning can be tough like that. Otis often makes messes or has accidents but some days it's worse or more public than others. This morning it was on my bed, last week it was three puddles at our parent-toddler class. Mostly I just get on with things,... Read more →

Thank you from the bottom of my heart of all of your kind comments, tips, suggestions, funny stories and words of warmth and encouragement regarding my post on travelling with a toilet learning toddler. As I mentioned we weren't only travelling, we were travelling last minute, I was travelling with the boys without my husband (therefore feeling extra vulnerable) and we were also grieving for member of the family who is no longer with us. Gosh, I'm having trouble holding back the tears now. So how did we go? We left home at about 4.30am. I consider this to be... Read more →

Travelling with a toilet learning toddler - give me strength.

We know the sensitive period for toilet learning is 12-18 months. Eek, Otis is now 17 months and although we've been doing well (by our standards) things are still a bit hit and miss. Otis wears training pants or underpants at home. When we are out of the house Otis usually wears training pants. For his night sleep he wears a nappy. At home he occasionally makes it to the potty. He knows when he needs to go. Sometimes he will look at the potty and sometimes he will look at me and next thing we know there is a... Read more →

The above picture is of Otis's toilet learning area. We are using a cube chair here (the other is in his dressing/care of self area) as Otis needs support when standing. The bucket is for soiled clothing. You will read that a sign of readiness is walking. Otis isn't walking but clearly knows when he needs to use the toilet. I didn't want to waste this opportunity and miss his obvious sensitive period so have commenced toilet learning. Camilla (mom of two) recently sent me these toileting tips. I found them so useful I wanted to share with you. Perhaps... Read more →

What is a Puddle Pad? A pad that works much like a mattress protector. It can also be used as a change mat or to protect your car seat. Great for ECers, leaky nappies, leaky babies and for toilet learning toddlers. Why now? During the day Otis will often take a nap with his toilet learning pants on. The pants absorb some moisture but I don't want to risk a yucky mattress. I almost purchased a puddle pad until I realised how easy it is to make one yourself. Why wool? I really dislike the mattress protectors I've seen in... Read more →

Along with shoes we also ordered these toilet learning pants from Michael Olaf. Otis has been wearing training pants for a while like the red ones in this post although as you can see they are bulky and absorb much like a nappy, neither Otis or I could even tell he was wet. I was looking for pants that were; Absorbent enough there is no puddle but the child still feels wet Easy to see the child is wet Slimline, not at all bulky Easy to get on and off, even for a very young child Made from natural fibers... Read more →