What are the key components of a Montessori toddler kitchen? I am looking for an environment that: Promotes independence. Supports autonomy. Facilitates healthy eating and skill development. Is easy for the child to keep clean and tidy. Is purposeful and easy to use. Is as simple and uncluttered as possible.... Read more →

Today I moved some infant furniture around and I thought it would be useful to share some of the different chairs that Otto (11 months) uses. Finding suitable chairs for babies of this age can be difficult, you want the child to be able to use them but you want... Read more →

I recently ordered a clear watering can for Otto. It's super cute, would also make a good bath toy, but I love that he can see how much water is in it when filling it up and he can see all of the water pouring out as he is watering... Read more →

I'm always looking for fresh breakfast and snack ideas. Otto at nine months is now eating a lovely variety of foods that makes breakfast fun and interesting. Here are a few of our favourite plant-based baby breakfast ideas (from nine months) that my big kids (7 and 10 years) love... Read more →

Montessori Weaning Around the World - ideas and words from Montessori Parents and Guides.

Because Montessori looks different in every home! Today I'm sharing lots of advice, ideas and pictures of Montessori weaning tables and place settings from around the world. These are from parents and Montessori trained guides. "This Montessori inspired placemat has been a great success so far. He can set the... Read more →