A few friends have asked about the Doddl cutlery range (UK here) (AU here). Without seeing it in person or using it, I couldn't form a firm opinion or recommendation. The Doddl set is recommended for children 1-5yrs, so I decided to test it with my four-year-old. 🍽 Doddl cutlery is recommended by feeding and development experts, but how does it rate from a Montessori perspective? When you pick up the cutlery, you can feel how it is designed for little hands. The plastic (BPA and Phthalates free) handles are chunky and easy to grip. I suggest the fork and... Read more →

1. / 2. (AU) / 3. / 4. / 5. Many Montessori parents choose to skip or limit the sippy cup phase and go straight to using a small glass for their children. My children started using a small real glass to drink water (#3.) at six months when we began weaning. Sure there are lots of spills and drips but the payoff is the child becomes careful with their glass and they become adept at using it pretty fast. A clear cup or glass is also useful for a child learning to drink independently as they can clearly see... Read more →

Setting the table is a practical life skill that we can introduce to our children from a young age. As soon as we start introducing solids we can use a Montessori Weaning Set (pictured two below). As soon as the child can walk they can begin to take their placemat and put it on their table followed by their fork, spoon, plate or glass. Without saying a word, simply by presenting the materials on the placemat, we are teaching the child where everything goes. By the time the child is a toddler, they may be able to set their entire... Read more →

In Montessori, it's important for children to use 'real' things. Children learn to carefully and respectfully carry and use real knives and forks, real glassware, and real ceramic mugs, plates, and bowls. As we expect breakages we generally use affordable options. Although occasionally in Montessori homes we also use wood or melamine. Here are some choices I'm loving from Etsy. Most of these are special pieces, which can teach children to look after items that are especially good. I also think it's nice for the child to have one or two special pieces that are just for them. I've ordered... Read more →

Have you seen a wooden Montessori style placemat before? I recently came across this one and I absolutely love it. It's so unique and that I really want to share it with you. It is made from solid acacia wood here in the UK. It is laser engraved so the child knows exactly where to put their fork, spoon, knife, plate and cup! It is super smooth and practical. I love that it is personalised so that Otto can start to recognise his name and has ownership over it. It's beautiful!! If you are wondering it wipes down easily too.... Read more →

500ml / 250ml / 150ml What type of pitchers and drinking glasses do your children use? When you have your first child it's hard to know what size to get or what designs will work, often it takes a little trial and error to get it right. Today I'm sharing our most used pitchers, drinking glasses and mugs. We have a few others but these are the ones we use the most and have survived two or three children. Water dispensers have become popular in Montessori homes but I suggest that children also need the opportunity to learn to pour... Read more →

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. When I think of Montessori bibs I think of the traditional bibs made in Montessori training like this one. When Otis (my middle child) was weaning I handmade some similar, with the velcro closure on the side. But since having Otto I've found a whole range of bibs that also fit the Montessori requirements. Some of these are even easier for the child to put on independently. The three style of bibs that I've found easiest for the child to use include: Pull on / Pull over style Elastic... Read more →

Do you have a Tripp Trapp or similar high chair at home? We still had the baby seat attachment on ours and I found Otto trying to climb into it. It was so precarious. I wasn't sure what to do. Do I let him go and see if he can get in it? Do I tell him no and ask him to get down? I watched him try unsuccessfully to get into the high chair (with the baby seat attachment). It reminds me of how dangerous it is when young children climb in and out of their cribs. There is... Read more →

What are the key components of a Montessori toddler kitchen? I am looking for an environment that: Promotes independence. Supports autonomy. Facilitates healthy eating and skill development. Is easy for the child to keep clean and tidy. Is purposeful and easy to use. Is as simple and uncluttered as possible. Is practical, logical and ordered, where everything has a place and everything has a purpose. Empowers the child. Is warm and inviting. It is important that the space has everything the child needs to complete the task from start to finish. Here is a snapshot of Otto's little kitchen area.... Read more →

Today I moved some infant furniture around and I thought it would be useful to share some of the different chairs that Otto (11 months) uses. Finding suitable chairs for babies of this age can be difficult, you want the child to be able to use them but you want them to be long lasting too! Otto uses all of these chairs, he has been able to independently sit in all of them - get in and out, from around nine months. L-R: Cube Chair / Me-Do-It Chair / Montessori Weaning Chair Cube Chair: Seat height is 20cm. These are... Read more →

I recently ordered a clear watering can for Otto. It's super cute, would also make a good bath toy, but I love that he can see how much water is in it when filling it up and he can see all of the water pouring out as he is watering the garden. Infants and toddlers are trying to make sense of the world, transparent materials like this can help them see how containers works, help them see how full things are, help the child to see what is going on. "The transparency also helps the child to make spontaneous scientific... Read more →

I'm always looking for fresh breakfast and snack ideas. Otto at nine months is now eating a lovely variety of foods that makes breakfast fun and interesting. Here are a few of our favourite plant-based baby breakfast ideas (from nine months) that my big kids (7 and 10 years) love too. 1. Fruit Yogurt. Caspar (10 years) eats yogurt almost every day for breakfast and once Otto hit the six months point he started feeding it to him too. Sometimes I serve it plain but often we add fruit. Here I mashed two strawberries and mixed in coconut yogurt. 2.... Read more →

Montessori Weaning Around the World - ideas and words from Montessori Parents and Guides.

Because Montessori looks different in every home! Today I'm sharing lots of advice, ideas and pictures of Montessori weaning tables and place settings from around the world. These are from parents and Montessori trained guides. "This Montessori inspired placemat has been a great success so far. He can set the table himself and most importantly, he knows where each item goes while eating/drinking creating more order." - Ruchi (Parent). "In today’s session I showed this little guy how to cut up watermelon, juice an orange and taught him how to set the table. He was so proud of himself!" -... Read more →

Otto is three months into his weaning journey and it feels a lot of my time and energy is focused on food. Otto hasn't taken to using a weaning glass as easily as Otis did, and Otto throws more of his food. So weaning has been a little more frustrating this time around! I wanted to share some of my top weaning tips, it's a bit of a reminder for me but hopefully, you'll find them useful too. 〉Babies learn through observation so your baby needs to see you eat! Ensure that even if they are eating at their weaning... Read more →

We have moved around Otto's weaning table and chair a lot. It was in his our dining area and now it's in a corner space in our kitchen. Otto is now messier with his eating and as he can sit unaided, we've decided it's best that he eats (mostly) in the kitchen. I always just keep on moving things around until I find a way that works! We have also found a lovely rhythm. In the mornings after we have dropped his brothers at school, we go into the kitchen where I will empty the dishwasher or put on washing... Read more →