In the past I've made my own bibs and Montessori placemats but this time I've picked up a Montessori weaning set. I thought I would share with you what is in it and how we are using it! First, pictured above is our little snack or food preparation station. When Otto is walking I envisage him collecting his own bowl, spoon and things and set up his table for snack or lunch. We are using; a small glass pitcher, weaning glasses, small glass bowls, baby/toddler cutlery and cleanup towels. We use all glass as it's easier for the child to... Read more →

It's easy to think that Montessori parents obsess about the smallest things. But if you look at the philosophy as a whole, if you look at the big picture, it all makes sense. In Montessori, we give our children real things, real experiences and real tools. We often look for smaller versions which are easier for the child to use and to manipulate. We look for tools made from real materials. Cutlery, weaning or baby spoons are no exception. We want to offer the child real cutlery from the start. We want a weaning spoon that is small and easy... Read more →

Otto is five months old so naturally, we are starting to think about weaning. We are starting to plan for weaning. It can be a really special time for the child, it's a time of separation and independence. It's a time of tremendous growth. Although we will take a relaxed approach, we will be prepared and have a plan! The Adult - Both parents need to be on the same page. Consistency is important. The adult needs to be prepared. Luckily after having three children, we feel like we know what we are doing and we will wean using a... Read more →

We moved to the UK mid January however some of our (new/rented) furniture is still arriving and we only recieved our personal items from Australia last week. Finally, some shelves for Otto! This is a part of our living area, it is next to our dining area and adjacent to our kitchen (which is also our laundry!). This area is so well placed, I can be in the kitchen/laundry and still supervise him. I can be close if needed but he can have his space too. Because it's so close to our dining and kitchen, I think I might put... Read more →

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. / 11. / 12. Does your child's school use cloth napkins? Most Montessori schools do. How about at home? I know many families don't use napkins at all (cloth or paper) but I've found them really useful not only when the children first start with solids (weaning, baby led or Montessori style) but also for teaching grace and courtesy, just plain manners at the dinner table or when out at picnics or eating with friends and family (snack or morning tea).... Read more →

Have you found the perfect set of children's cutlery? One of my most frequently asked questions is where to find children's and toddler cutlery sets, with a knife. All of these sets above have a spoon, knife, and fork. Some of these can be used from weaning. I recommend, where possible to check the dimensions of the products and compare those to utensils your child is already using or compare them to an adult sized utensil. 1. Children's Hammered Flatware Set - For 3-6 years at For Small Hands. 2. Fabler - Three Piece Flatware Set - Ikea. 3. Oneida... Read more →

1. Easy Clean Montessori Placemat - M.VIta / 2. Placemat Set Vinyl - Montessori Design by Nuccia / 3. Placemat Blue (with matching napkin) - Michael Olaf / 4. Montessori Children's Placemat - Naturababy on Amazon / 5. Snack Placemat Nido and Todder - Montessoria Textiles / 6. Montessori Fabric Placemat - Etsy. I love using handmade materials in our home. However I often lack the skills or the time to make all the materials we would like. Montessori Placemats are wonderful for toddlers learning to set the table. While I eventually made our own we also have the Easy... Read more →

1. Children's Tableware, 2. Kids Handmade Ceramic Tableware Set - Animal Series, 3. Giraffe Bowl. (This cloud bowl is amazing), 4. Hello Baby Plate, 5. Children's Bumblebee Ceramic Bowl, 6. Penguin, Fox and Bee bowl all sold separately by SKT ceramics. Also checkout Jasminepots on Etsy for mugs and bowls - love this set. For a baby's first or 'weaning' bowl I would recommend a small glass bowl, glass so that the child can see the food inside. But once the child is a little older how about a ceramic baby bowl? There are so many really cute options available.... Read more →

I was getting a little frustrated with out kitchen set up. Otis cannot yet use Caspar's drinking station and he cannot open or close the pantry door with one hand while holding something in the other. Otis needed a little addition. This is a small coffee table that works a bit like a snack table. His water jug and glass are kept here unless he takes them to his table for a meal. This is where he gets a drink during the day. This is where I put his tray or snacks. The idea is that he doesn't eat here... Read more →

Many refer to the weaning chair as the Montessori substitute for a high chair. Otis eats at his low table and chair for most snacks and lunches but we value his presence at the family table for breakfast and dinner. Rather than confine him to a high chair we've chosen a more independent style of high chair. We've chosen the Stokke Tripp Trapp but chairs like this come in a wide rage of styles and in every price bracket as can see in the post High Chairs for a Montessori Home. A month or so ago I removed the baby... Read more →

What do you do when you cannot access the right materials, the right child sized furniture? You make your own or in this case you find a good carpenter to help you out. This is Thea's little table and chair. Perfect! How welcoming for the child. To be able to sit and work or eat comfortably, independently. To feel so included, part of the family, to feel important! One day Thea will know the lengths her family went to, to have this furniture made especially for her. That's extra special. Thank you to Maria (all the way in Colombia) for... Read more →

Oh the things I wish I knew! Only four years ago I was looking for a high chair. A high chair for a Montessori home. We wanted a chair that was: made of timber aesthetically pleasing adjustable able to be used from six-months able be used independently by the child from around 18 months comfortable without a tray so that it could be completely pulled up to the family table. The only one I knew about was the Tripp Trapp. While we love the Tripp Trapp (and the wonderful colours they come in) there are now many others on the... Read more →

Montessori, Weaning, Infant, Cube Chairs. No matter what you call them these chairs help to foster independence in even the youngest child. Some children can sit upright very well at six months. Mine couldn't so a solid, sturdy chair with a back and two sides was essential. At nine months Otis could use his chair independently, he could get in/out/up and down. The child doesn't need to use the chair for weaning, it also makes a great place to sit and work. Here is a round up of some chairs available in the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia. 1.... Read more →