There are some brands that you can just trust. There are brands that I feel very well aligned with and these are the ones I seek out over and over. When I opened our first Lovevery box I loved everything inside it. When I looked closely I could see that their stage-based approach was spot on and it closely mimicked what I had done with my children, from cute black... Read more →

Our family has been through a huge transition. With Christmas, traveling and moving back to Australia my older children have just started going back to school. When we go through transitions or difficult times I always seek out opportunities for my children to concentrate. I find concentration grounding and calming. It's like finding some stillness and quiet in the chaos. Also, it's something that you can't force, you can't make... Read more →

If you have more than one child creating a safe and enticing art area can be difficult. While I have three children only my eight and two year old use this area. Previously I've set up this area just for my toddler and I had six or so activities on trays. Now we have a combination of loose materials and a few trays out. This area is in our playroom... Read more →

Blocks are fantastic open ended materials. They are investment pieces that can last a lifetime. Many blocks will appeal to a wide range of children starting from toddlerhood. Our block corner is one of the most popular areas of our home, especially during play dates. Today I'm sharing the blocks that we are currently using. The larger blocks are kept in our block corner but some of the smaller sets... Read more →

Today we made some delicious Carrot and Zucchini Mini Muffins. I took a few pictures I thought I would share. In the UK, and perhaps other parts of the world, Zucchinis are known as Courgettes! Above are Otto's little baking shelves. He can access this himself. Mixing bowls, trays, cooling rack. On the bottom shelf there is his watering can, small spray bottle for cleaning and a little bucket with... Read more →

When I found out that Lovevery made Toddler Play Kits I almost flipped out. Like a crazy person, I went through all their play kits to see what amazing products they had to offer. When our first Toddler Play Kit arrived: The Realist (for 19, 20, 21 months) I was so impressed. The products are not only perfect for this age group they are of fantastic quality. Our Toddler Play... Read more →

Do you have art materials freely accessible to your toddler/s? I have found it's helpful, it means the art materials get used more and there is no need for the child to continually ask for permission. We have an art easel, large chalkboard and often paints outside, but what about inside? We definitely want less messy art inside. Here is how we make it work. Art materials are stored on... Read more →

A month or so ago we moved Otto (17 months) into Otis' old room. Otis (7yrs) doesn't like sleeping alone and I always found it difficult at bedtime if I was busy with Otto. So now Caspar (11yrs) and Otis are sharing a room. Otto's new room is much larger. We haven't made many changes. Most of the furniture is the same. Above we've created a little reading nook. Previously... Read more →

"Toys should be kept in the area where the family lives, not only in the child's room. Shelves are much more satisfying than toy boxes. Having order in the environment creates a feeling of security in the child, and trust in the environment. Baskets, trays, or small boxes neatly arranged on low shelves can be very helpful in creating this order." "If you watch a child you will see which... Read more →

You know I am really passionate about children's environments. Specifically Montessori orientated environments in the home. I honestly believe no matter where you live, the size of your house or which country you live in - you can create a Montessori home, you can create Montessori inspired environments. What do I think are essential elements of Montessori inspired home environments? Light. Music. Natural materials. Plants. A globe. Books. Puzzles. Texture.... Read more →

Our block area is less organised and frequently less tidy than the other areas in our home. The boys always want to leave our their creations and we are fortunate to have this space where they can do so. The most popular blocks are our large unit blocks. We store them in baskets as they are mostly used outside, using baskets is the only way to facilitate this. We also... Read more →

In this week's What's on Our Shelves we are looking in the kitchen. I've shown a few pictures of this environment before and it needs to be said that while most of the materials here stay the same, today these shelves are well stocked with snacks, which is not always the case. The children have access to fresh snacks (yoghurt, cheese, vegetables, dips/hommus, homemade muffins or banana bread) in the... Read more →

This week I wanted feature the new trays on our activity shelves. These trays have rotated in within the last two weeks. The trays are pictured off the shelves so it's easier to see what is in them. Hole Punching Tray. We have a few left over pieces of art work from our homemade envelopes and are using them for hole punching - then for pasting and decorating letters. Stencils.... Read more →

Sometimes it feels like we have books in every corner of our house. It's not true though. We sometimes have books on the boys' shelves and in use in their various work spaces, there are always books in this above little book unit and next to the boys' bed. Here we have Animalium, World Atlas (this almost never leaves the shelves), a Space Encyclopedia (so popular after following the recent... Read more →

Art shelves are always so lovely to look at. Always so colourful and full of texture. We still have most of our art supplies downstairs (you can see a bit of the shelving here) however we have created a little art nook upstairs which is smaller in size and really only contains what the boys are using. I can see (supervise) this area from the kitchen so it gets used... Read more →